June 2012

Howdy friends,

Summer is here and lots to do. We got back from Florida a little early but on our way home we got to spend almost two weeks in Nashville. It was a full schedule but also gave me a chance to visit with my sister Shirley.  My friend Brenda Millett (a Maine singer) broke her hip and Linda and I took care of her for almost 5 weeks. We had scheduled a trip to Nashville previously and didn’t make it cause of her accident.

Vince Gill (through friends of ours) found out that she had had an accident so called my phone at about 12:40am to chat with her. He felt bad she missed the show that night and wished her well. First of all she was shocked he called her.  Then when she was better 3 ½ weeks later we planned our trip to Nashville on our way home to Maine and finally got a chance to see Vince at the Station Inn, located in downtown Nashville where he plays with a group called the “Time Jumpers” every Monday night.  He’s a hoot and a very nice person of course. We chatted and took some pictures. You can see them on my Face-Book page.

We also had the pleasure of hanging out with “Charlie Dick” (Patsy Cline’s widower) on the back deck of his Nashville home. What a time we had and he was on a roll about sharing stories with us. I could write a book! He gave us a “first day commemorative stamp plaque” of Patsy and T-shirts that were so awesome.  He is so nice!

On the way home we visited Patsy’s home when she was a kid in Winchester, VA.  The house is now open to the public and is worth every penny to see it. Charlie is also a long time friend with Loretta. We got to visit her Ranch and what a great place she has out in Hurricane Mills, Tn. It’s about 60 miles from Nashville.

Of course we got a chance to go to the “Grand Ole Opry” and saw Alan Jackson, Little Jimmy Dickens (who I once opened a show for), Whispering’ Bill Anderson, Josh Thompson, Thompson Square and many others.  A couple nights later we went to the Ryan Auditorium, (“Mother church of the Grand Ole Opry”) and yes we saw…. Loretta Lynn,  Mel Tillis, Larry Gatlin and others and the only part that tired me out was when we shopped!  This was at “Opry Mills Mall” where we saw a singer friend of ours “Kayla Wass” who moved to Nashville a couple years ago.

Then after all this visiting it was time to drive the bus home….One hour from Nashville…we got a blow out!   Inside tire and I thought it was just a rough road till I stopped. What a mess $653.00 for a tire and 4 hours later we were back on the road.  The bus weighs 46,000lbs and they couldn’t get it up off the ground.  Finally after 3 jacks they managed to get it up in the air. Then we were on our way.  Wow…. Now we’re back home and safe thank God! By the way the bus has a new name…”Bunkhouse”, the name came from my father’s band name and you’ll see the new license plate on the front of the bus real soon!  Thanks Dad!  Happy Father’s Day! He’ll be 83 on August 5th. Also I  want to mention the Urban Corral Reunion on August 4 and 5th. The "Urban Corral" franchise of New-Brunswick, Canada was the "Mickey Gilly's" of the Maritimes! Many of the Bands of the 80's and 90's will be back to perform music from the past and the present including my old band. It's about the Music, the Memories, and the people! Check out our schedule and I hope we’ll get a chance to see you all very soon.

Have a great and safe summer! 
Love always,

June 2011

Hi Everyone,

I look forward to going up north (where it’s a little cooler) to play with the whole band. It’s been hot down here in Florida but I’m not complaining. The shows that I do here in the south with “Tommy Thompson” (steel & vocals) are such a blast. Tommy sounds so much like Ray Price and Jim Reeves and everyone practically falls in love with him and his voice.
Last week Kevin Carver (my other steel player) and I played at a huge place in Sebring as Tommy was already up north. We didn’t get to rehearse much but the show was effortless as our voices blend so well. People there seemed to enjoy it a lot as they never moved for 2 hours.

The gigs this year have picked up quite a bit and we’ve been booked for 2012 way early this year. I’m happy that the ground work is done and all I have to do pretty much is show up at the gig to sing. Not really but almost! It’s time consuming to get all the things done to every gig. The part I do enjoy the most, as you know is showing up, getting set up, and that’s when all the magic happens…I get to finally sing. Yum….it’s so fun!
This month I had 3 weeks off and I thought I was going to die when I got up to sing. I didn’t bother practicing at all as I was just trying to relax. Wrong! I’ll never ever do that again! I practically had to relearn things all over again. I now sing in the car, the bus, at home, and while I’m walking or riding my bike.

I’ve been reading Shania Twain’s new book, “From This Moment On”, and she said that it takes 10,000 hours to learn how to play an instrument and I believe that. When you stop for a while you have to relearn those parts and more, so practice, practice, practice…….all the time. I remember when I taught myself how to play the guitar. In school during my younger days, I would get up to practice the guitar in the morning, at lunch from school, after school, after supper (dinner) and before I went to bed. I would sing along to the chords I’d learn. Phew! I know I have my 10, 000 hours but always feel like I learn new things every day with music. It’s never boring! Thank God! It really puts my life in perspective, meaning that I am so blessed to be able to do this music career and still enjoy all the things that I am fortunate enough to do. For the most part of my music career I’ve never had much stage fright and I’ve always felt comfortable like it was my living room with lots of friends visiting. It wasn’t like that for her and she shares so much of her life that you can feel her hardship…even the death of her parents. If you have the chance just get it and read it. You’ll have a hard time putting it down whether you’re connected to music or not.

I may not have sold over 75 million albums or won Grammy awards but what I do at a much smaller scale is just perfect for me. I sing for fans, friends, and family, sell albums, do TV and radio shows, hear my music on the radio, and still today at 50, l enjoy every moment of it. I can go places (on vacation) where no one knows who I am and enjoy quiet times too without the paparazzi cameras in my face every moment of the day. I enjoy meeting all of you after the shows and chatting until everyone leaves. Music…. I just plainly love it!

I look forward to seeing all my wonderful friends of music this summer!!!! See you all soon.

July 2010
  Happy Summer Everyone,
  It was a nice ride up from Florida this year.  Travelling through North Carolina and
  Pennsylvania via the truck route is probably my favorite.  What scenery!

  Last week I went up to Canada to do a show with my sister in Bathurst, New Brunswick,
  Canada.  It had been since November last year since my visit up there and I also
  enjoyed  the ride From Houlton, Maine down to Moncton, New Brunswick. It was really
  nice to see  my Dad, (who is doing well), and to hang out with him for a couple days.  I
  stayed in  Bathurst for a couple extra days to catch up with my old friends where we
  used to live 12 years ago.  It’s so nice to do that.  I had no voice the next morning from
  talking so much!
  I am home again in Maine and will be catching up with yard maintenance since we got
  home later than usual.  Can someone tell me why do the weeds like to take over????
  Thank God I like to garden….  It’s was a cold winter in Florida and I was inside a lot so
  I’m looking forward to being outside.

  We did a couple of benefits so far this year that was very rewarding.  One was in Florida
  for “Breast Cancer Research” and the other was for “The Maine Homeless Vets”.  I didn’t
  realize that there are so many Vets without shelter.  It’s truly amazing and we need to
  pay more attention to this as they were there for us!

  Some of you have heard that I had surgery and it’s true.  It was minor surgery and
  everything is fine. I’m healthy as a horse….where did that saying come from? Ha! Enjoy
  great weather this summer and safe travels if you go on vacation. Hope to see everyone
  at one of our shows.  It’s so nice when we see you in the audience.  I really do
  appreciate it very much to see your familiar faces out there!

  God Bless

January 2010
  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday and are surviving
  this CRAZY cold weather, even here in Florida when have been freezing!!!

  Well to update you since the last news, Brian and I had a wonderful time at his brother’s
  place for Thanksgiving in Jacksonville Fl.  It was far too much food and shopping but we
  had fun catching up and spending time with him and his wife. My little, ok not so little,
  Jessie had fun having two friends to play with while we were there and we never had
  any trouble getting him to sleep…hahaha!!  For Christmas, we went to Nashville and
  spent time with my sister Shirley.  We had a great time and I was surprised when my
  Aunt and Uncle I hadn’t seen in quite a while showed up.  We spent most of our time
  cooking and having fun sharing stories about the family, but one really exciting evening
  was when we went to the Old Grand Old Opry (Ryman Auditorium)  to see Ricky Skaggs
  and The Whites.  What an amazing show it was, Ricky and his family are such amazing
  performers and being at that show just really put us in the holiday spirit.

  Well as some of you know December is the month of my Birthday and Brian surprised
  me with a trip to Las Vegas.  We were there for 5 days and all I can say is WOW!!! We
  could have stayed another 5 days and not have been able to see it all. The casino’s are
  so big you will definitely get your exercise in from all the walking.  While there we spent
  a lot of our time seeing some of the incredible shows…My favorites were Cher, David
  Copperfield (who made Brian disappear from the front of the stage to the back of the
  stage and really don’t know how he did it)!!!!  We also took in a Cirque du Soleil show
  which was filled with some awesome theatrics and laughed our heads off with comedian
  Ron White .

  While the last two months have been a world wind of activities, it’s now time to get
  settled in and start back to work.  I’m looking forward to getting back on the stage and
  performing for everyone and getting to see my many friends and meeting some new
  ones. Take a look at the tour page for our current schedule but keep coming back since
  it really seems to change weekly as we add new shows.

  Got to go for now, but I’ll continue to update you as we perform and as the tales of the
  tour start happening.  Thank You for all your support and please know how much I
  appreciate it and Love You very much.

  All the best for 2010’

October 2009
  Howdy friends,
  We just got down here in Florida a couple weeks ago and the weather is beautiful. Ok I
  won’t rub it in but I will be home in November and January for gigs so I will get a chance
  to experience the cold and the snow once again.  I look forward to that as I have always
  enjoyed the winters in Canada and in Maine.  Brian and I are fortunate to be able to
  come down here to work.  For me there are more possibilities of gigs here in the winter,
  but I do get to goof off sometimes and head to the beach, Disney World, Busch Garden’s
  or simply just ride my motorcycle.

  For the upcoming holidays we are planning to be in Jacksonville with Brian’s brother and
  his wife for our US thanksgiving and in Nashville for Christmas with my sister “Shirley”
  and Rod.  In November while we back home will have an early Christmas with my family
  including my Dad in Canada and my new grand nephew “Seth” who’s about 6 months
  now. Fun to have a little one to spoil!  

  The fall gigs went well and and we were so busy I never had time for any September
  News but I'm looking forward to the gigs down here.  I hope we’ll get a chance to see
  you down the road somewhere and if not, please have yourselves a great fall, winter
  and Holiday Season. 

  Shirley Farrell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Famous Fan Club President!!!!!!
  CONGRATULATIONS!  On your 20th anniversary with being our fan club president!  You
  have done a super wonderful job and I really hope we have you for another 20 years!
  Your hard work and dedication through all these years have been so appreciated by all
  the fans and myself.  I can’t remember the times you weren’t feeling good and still
  there’d be a news letter and it in my eyes was ….absolutely perfect! Shirley, I
  Thank You again and again for being my friend and from the bottom of my heart for
  everything you are and have done for all of us as our #1 fan club president!
  We just love you a whole lot!!!!

  Finally, Next Month I'll update everyone on the dental work saga, we are close to having
  it completed but it has been at times challenging....

  Bye for now, Debbie